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There are at least five good reasons to install drywall in your home. The primary reason being that wallboard installation finishing and repair is hard dirty work not to mention the dust that is generated during this process can be harmful to your health!

Drywall has been popular in residential and commercial structures since the 1940s when being built quickly was esencial. It was very popular to have cute homes with clean lines. Drywall provided the flat, clean walls that were desired at the time. Drywall has remained popular for many reasons.

Drywall is a very popular building material because it is so quick to install, and looks so flat. Most homes you find will have drywall covering the inside. It is relatively easy to install with a few good contractors, and usually fairly inexpensive. Here are a few good reasons to hire a contractor to install drywall.

1. Energy Efficient: Drywall is excellent for insulation. Drywall is very good at locking in heat and air. This wastes less money on trying to keep your home the correct temperature. Drywall is great for keeping your money from seeping out of your walls.

It is also easier to make and so wastes less energy in its creation process. Drywall is much easier to make than wooden panels or even plaster. That makes it cheaper to make and cheaper to buy which saves energy and money.

A portion of most drywall is also recycled. Construction debris is often brought back into factories to be made into new slabs of drywall. As being more planet-friendly is on everyone’s mind, drywall might be a good option for your conscience as well.

2. Quick Install Drywall is easier and quicker to install than plaster or paneling. It usually only takes three or so contractors to install drywall quickly and efficiently. Since drywall already comes in sheets that cover large portions of walls, it is easy to quickly put up.

Since drywall is easy to install the price your contractor will charge is less than it would be for a more complicated material. So drywall includes a quick, inexpensive install as well as looks good. Flat, clean walls are a guarantee at the end of a good drywall contractor’s day.

The right contractor can put up a whole room or more of drywall in a day making your waiting time very short. Drywall doesn’t need time to dry so you can immediately paint it. Drywall is an efficient product that takes up very little time and can be repainted again and again.

3. Fire Resistant: Drywall may not be naturally flood-resistant, but it certainly is fire resistant. The possible water problems with drywall are an easy fix, or avoidable if you purchase the waterproof drywall, and the process of fixing your drywall is very quick. Having walls that resist fire is invaluable to your home.

Drywall is made of gypsum which is naturally fire-resistant. That means that your drywall is not coated in chemicals that make it fireproof, but is more natural. Of course, drywall still is not a completely natural product, but it is better than many things that go into building a home.

Kitchen fires and small house fires are not exactly rare. Having walls you can trust to not catch fire and make it worse is very important to your peace of mind. It is very important to know you have made your home as safe as possible and drywall is a great start to that.

4. Professionalism You might be wondering why it is important to hire someone to install your drywall instead of trying to DIY it. First of all, contractors can do it faster. There is something to be said about having a job done quickly. Not having walls for any period of time is frustrating so it is good to have the job done quickly.

The professionals can also get it done correctly. You might be surprised how easy it is to get drywall wrong. You can use the wrong edge, nail the drywall in wrong, or leave your wall covered in obvious joints.

Professional contractors can get the job done quickly and correctly. You might think you can get it done yourself for cheaper, but the possible time wasted along with the things that could easily go wrong trying to install anything by yourself, you might end up wasting time and money. You might even need to pay someone to fix your mistakes.

5. Drywall can be painted any color you can think of. It can have nails and screw put into it without falling apart. You can hang shelves full of your favorite books on walls that are your favorite color. There are so many options on how to decorate and design drywall.

There is something that can be a bit off-putting about seeing blank drywall. Some people find it ugly. Once the drywall is painted and customized drywall becomes a canvas for your ideas. A blank wall is intimidating until you cover it in something that you find beautiful.


Paneling is a bit more difficult to paint and more difficult to hang things on than drywall. Plaster is also a bit more difficult to work with. Drywall was made flat and blank so that you can do anything you want with it. Once your contractor installs your drywall, the sky is the limit.

Conclusion Because you want a house with clean lines that you can make entirely your own. You want walls that resist fire, aren’t wasteful and are a quick install. Most importantly you want properly installed drywall that you do not have to mess with once it is done.

Drywall has remained #1 in home building for the last eighty years because it is a good product. It has stood the test of time. Drywall remains a customizable, functional, inexpensive walling choice that will probably be used for many more years. Drywall is guaranteed to be a quick, easy install that will look good when it is done.

Hiring a drywall contractor can be tricky so do your home work. The process of installing drywall is very quick and does not require filling your home up with construction people. Drywall is a popular material that is easy to install and will not break the bank. So call a contractor today.

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Five Reasons To Hire A Professional Drywall Contractor

Five Reasons To Hire A Professional Drywall Contractor Around Raleigh Durham RTP Piedmont NC.