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Affordable Asbestos Texture Removal Alternative ☝ Drywall Specialist A skilled local popcorn texture removal contractor with economical solutions to textured ceilings containing asbestos. Servicing the Durham Chapel Hill Cary Apex Chatham NC area since 1991. Quality work, competitive prices, free estimates cost quotes on large and small texture removal projects in Central NC neighborhoods for three decades. Remember you have options!

  • If your home was built before 1985 and has popcorn texture there's a good chance that texture contains asbestos!  Drywall Specialist. Hire a skilled pro for inexpensive options to removal! The most common solution to eliminate the removal process is laminating over the existing ceiling with a layer of new Sheetrock. #LocalDrywallRepair near you. Your home will look great when friends or neighbors visit.
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