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10 years ago
Drywall Specialist: We had many areas in several rooms that needed repair from water damage, large cracks and nail pops, and wall boards that had sagged a bit over the years. The tray ceiling in the living room had not been properly anchored at the corners, which developed long cracks. There was a very long crack beginning at the edge of a metal fireplace and crawling along the bottom and side of adjoining wall board. Water damage had caused a small area of ceiling to deteriorate enough to need replacing.

The job was done carefully and completely. Each kind of problem was explained as to what caused it and what to do for best correction. Jim used a fiberglass product to add stability to the tray ceiling corners. He fixed the water damage with as little replacement of ceiling as necessary and treated the area for mold. We were especially impressed with the smooth appearance of a two-story foyer wall which had shown slight bulges at the joints between boards-- Jim located wall studs and added screws to hold boards more securely before applying joint compound. He cleaned after his work each day. There was very little dust.

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A Review: Drywall Service
11 years ago
I had my house re-plumbed and needed the holes patched, plus some other drywall damage, and stains in popcorn ceiling texture from a leak I had before the roof was replaced. I had major holes in 3 main walls of my house and two closets.

Drywall Specialist: Mr. Holmes is responsive to email, and he gave me a pretty close bid just based on some photos that I put on the web showing the wall damage. I wanted a ballpark estimate before I asked him to drive out from Pittsboro. I contacted him because of the good recommendation here, but I ended up hiring him after he passed my "test" for describing how he would do dustless sanding. I've heard a rumor that drywallers don't really like to do repairs in houses where someone is living because no matter how careful they are, there is always dust. I think some folks don't understand that and get upset. Me, I know *real* dust. It looked like a blizzard had come through the last time I did semi-major drywall repair. That's the reason I didn't want to even think about doing the repairs this time. Mr. Holmes does wet sanding. I didn't know you could sand it wet! Well, you can if you are able to apply the drywall compound smoothly without too much remaining to be sanded. That is just what he did. I watched him so that next time I need to make a repair, I can try to do it the same way. I also had him repair some popcorn...hate the stuff but it needed to be done. He matched the texture perfectly. The color is a little off, but that can't be helped unless I want to repaint the ceilings. I did discuss with him about removing the popcorn, but that is way out of my budget. He took 6 days to do my repairs, but he wasn't there for a full day on all those days. Some days, he just came in and did a skim coat of stuff and not much more. I get the impression that some drywallers could get it done in less time by putting on thicker coats of stuff. To be fair, I added a few things to the list along the way, since I could tell he was doing a good job, you know, "while you're here..." He brought in a flood light and would shine it up the wall to make sure it was good and smooth, or that the popcorn texture was consistent. I have very smooth, paint-ready walls now.

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A Review: Drywall Service
12 years ago
Repaired drywall and painted our kitchen after a remodeling job.

Drywall Specialist: Excellent job. Jim was on time, courteous, professional in setting up a time to come and then did excellent work repairing the drywall and painting. He was very careful about protecting the cabinets and floor (tricky to do given how much ceiling work needed to be done). He also blocked off the work area to reduce dust and dirt in other parts of the house and cleaned up thoroughly when done. I would definitely recommend him to others.

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Interior Painting
A Review: Drywall Service
12 years ago
Repaired a botched drywall job performed by another company.

Drywall Specialist: Jimmy did a professional job. He corrected a job done by other people and fixed defects in my attic conversion. Jimmy has many years of experience and I highly recommend him for drywall work. He kept the work area clean and completed the job on time and at the agreed cost.

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A Review: Drywall Service
12 years ago


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Jimmy's son Adam did some excellent work skim coating, taping, and painting the ceilings in the home I recently purchased. He also did a great job repairing significant drywall imperfections throughout the house. These guys are total perfectionists and go above and beyond to get every aspect of the job perfect. Adam went room by room with me when he was finished to make sure I was happy with everything. I HIGHLY recommend these guys. Drywall Repair
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