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  • Don't take chances, commercial structures and apartments are required by law to be fire taped. If you own a business in or around A Raleigh Durham RTP neighborhood and are in the market for top-notch #DrywallFirewallTaping contractor that will do the job right the first time around. We also fix holes cracks water spots or stains on your ceilings call Drywall Specialist. Hire a seasoned pro for superior service premium work, affordable pricing on hanging, taping, mudding, finishing, repair and popcorn texture removal, we do it all! #DrywallFirewallTaping near you. Your home will look great when friends or neighbors visit. "Firewall Taping Service."
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      By Jimmy Holmes | Updated Feb 5, 2023 3:40 PM

      What is Drywall Fire Taping? 

      Drywall firewall taping is done to maintain and create a firewall between two spaces usually in a commercial structure. It’s designed to resist fire and heat damage to neighboring businesses. All cracks are filed and taped with drywall joint compound.

      Drywall fire tape is used for superior sealing, helping to ensure fire walls are correctly constructed and kept airtight while serving as the first step in taping a finished wall that’s ready for paint.

      When applied correctly drywall fire can help provide better protection from the spread of fire and smoke within the home or building.

      When constructing drywall walls, fire tape should be used to ensure that the drywall meets state safety codes for fire and smoke resistance.

      Fire tape is an important element in firewall construction and should not be overlooked when installing drywall.

      Why Do Walls Need Fire Tape?

      Fire taping is an essential fire protection measure for walls and partition assemblies. It consists of a fire-rated material that helps keep gypsum board firewalls intact in the event of a fire.

      Fire Taping is a step in the wall assembly that provids one or two-hour fire resistance, making it an essential tool for protecting people and property from harm in the case of a fire.

      Fire Taping is usually done to edges, joints, and penetrations of drywall at fire-rated walls.

      With fire tape and joint compound, you can be sure that your firewalls meet building code standards and will remain intact in the case of a fire, providing invaluable protection from fire damage.

      How To Use Fire Tape Mudless Drywall Joint Tape

      There are no simple solutions for fire taping. This process is time consuming and sometimes very dificult especially when it must be done after drop ceilings have been installed. The best time to do fire taping is when the wall is being built.

      This makes it ideal for those who want a quick and easy way to create professional-looking drywall joints.

      In most cases we use a fast setting joint compound that will fill any large cracks or gaps combined with a fire resistant joint tape. As of today there is no better way to slow a fire from spreading.

      In most states fire taping is required by state law and construction regulations.

      Once applied fire tape is there to stay, you can expect years of protection.


      How We Apply Drywall Fire Tape in Corners

      When drywalling inside or outside corners, drywall paper or mesh tape is essential for creating a smooth finish. The drywall tape will help to close any gaps between the sheetrock.

      To apply drywall tape correctly in an inside corner, start by cutting a piece of the drywall tape long enough to cover the entire length of the corner. Leave a few inches of drywall tape extending beyond the corner bead at either end.

      Next we place the drywall tape onto the drywall with one edge overlapping the corner bead.

      The drywall tape should be centered in the corner to cover half of each side of the drywall. Smooth out any air bubbles or creases, so the drywall tape lays flat against the drywall.

      Finally, press down on the drywall tape with a drywall knife to embed it into the corner bead and drywall. Once you’ve applied enough pressure with the taping knife, fold back the excess drywall tape at either end of the corner.

      These steps ensure that drywall tape is properly applied inside corners and provides a smooth, seamless finish.

      By Jimmy Holmes | Updated August 06, 2023 2:10 PM

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