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Looking for a local drywaller in Pittsboro to do some taping, bedding, finishing, mud work or repair? Call Drywall Specialist an experienced, skilled, trained expert with years of experience. Affordable prices and free estimates on large or small jobs.

#Fixing Wallboard isn't rocket science however it does take training and experience to do the work like an old pro! Call Drywall Specialist when Sheetrock tape on your walls or ceilings has become loose or has cracked and needs to be repaired. We Fix Joint Tape Holes Cracks Metal Corner Bead Wet water damaged or stained walls and ceilings or and any other problem you may have with your plasterboard! An estimate want cost you a single dime and your home will look great when friends or neighbors visit.

#LocalDrywaller We Hang And Finish Sheetrock Fix Loose Joint Tape is a common problem because in many instances the subcontractor that did the original taping was inexperienced or in other cases the home may have been left vacant for a period of time and was exposed to heat cold dampness and moisture. Another culprit is a leaky roof causing your ceiling or walls to get wet and tape to separate from the drywall. In any case it's always best to hire a trained Sheetrock expert to repair the area in order to be assured the problem want arise again!

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