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Hillsborough's Top Popcorn Texture Removal Expert Call ☝ Drywall Specialist a professional ceiling texture elimination contractor. Hire a local expert offering competitive prices free estimates cost quotes on large or small popcorn texture extraction projects around The Orange County, Hillsborough NC area since 1991. We Fix Shoddy Drywall Work!

  • If you reside in The Hillsborough area and are in the market for a popcorn texture removal service contact Drywall-Specialist today! Hire an old pro that has provided texture removal, repair, matching, blending service in your neck of the woods for over three decades. The ceilings in your home will look great when friends, relatives or neighbors visit you in Hillsborough. Your Near Me, NEXTDOOR, A hop skip jump away! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Drywall-Specialist Google Profile, Images, Reviews

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Popcorn Ceiling Repair Matching Removal Texturing Services In Hillsborough

Popcorn ceilings can become cracked, discolored or develop water stains over time, which can make them look old and unattractive. No Worries Drywall Specialist provides ceiling texture removal work in Hillsborough and are here to assist you! Serving Hillsborough, NC, and one of our specialties is popcorn ceiling repair, matching, blending and texturizing work. Schedule an appointment with Drywall Specialist for premium solutions to remove or repair and match popcorn ceilings!
Popcorn Ceiling Repair: Our experts rely on tried-and-tested methods and processes that allow them to fix popcorn ceilings according to the highest standards. Through these techniques, we can restore the aesthetic appeal of your ceiling and make it structural sound again. We also use modern tools and equipment that make our job easier and help us complete our repair tasks in a fast and efficient way.

For small cracks and other minor issues, we can use high-quality caulk to seal the gaps and make your ceiling look attractive again. However, for large holes cracks as well as widespread water stains, the only solution is to remove the damaged material and patch up the area. Don’t worry since we’re experts in popcorn ceiling patching repairing, and we can complete the process quickly and on schedule!

Popcorn Texturing: Once we have completed the popcorn ceiling repair process, we’ll proceed to the texture, matching blending process. We remove the old popcorn ceiling texture so we can access the areas that need to be repaired. If texture can't be matched the best solution is to remove it from the entire ceiling apply a coat of sealer and re-spray the ceiling.

This is where Drywall Specialist comes in: using tools and skills, we’ll restore the original beauty of your textured ceiling so it won’t stick out like a sore thumb. We’ll make sure that the entire popcorn ceiling will be uniform and look the way it should so friends relatives and neighbors in Hillsborough want be able to tell that it has ever been repaired.

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