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Need Drywall Seam Repair on your home in Pittsboro, Siler City, Chatham or surrounding? Call ☝ Drywall Specialist a skilled, trained local expert with years of experience repairing seams and loose tape. Competitive prices free estimates cost quotes on large or small seam repairs in your neck of the woods since 1991.

The most common cause of loose seam tape is that it was applied improperly to began with! In many instances the tape coat or seam coat is done by helpers just beginning to learn the mudding process. Once the seams are taped then the journeyman finishers take over. By then the damage is done. If not enough joint compound is left behind the seam tape within months it will start to peel and if your lucky it's only in a few spots. Don't take chances with the biggest investment you most likely will ever make, your home. Hire an old pro that has provided the ultimate in wallboard service for over three decades "Drywall Specialist"

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