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    How Much Does Taping Mudding Drywall Cost?

    By Jimmy Holmes | Updated Feburary 18, 2023 3:39 AM

    Call Drywall Specialist your nearby Sheetrock taping mudding expert? Get straight forward answers to your questions regarding wallboard finishing and a reasonable price to perform the work. Hire a skilled local plasterboard pro when you need it taped and mudded right now >>

    Drywall taping is the process of applying joint tape and compound once the drywall is hung. After the drywall is taped, it is mudded and then sanded down until it's smooth and ready to be primed and painted. Even for those who know how to hang drywall, many opt to leave the taping and mudding to professional finishers since the job requires a great amount of training and skill.

    Finishing cost will vary depending on your location, the size of the job, ceiling heights, the complexity of the room and the contractor performing the job. The cost to tape and mud drywall is going to vary depending on the finish level. On average, expect to pay a professional anywhere from $0.35 to $0.80 per square foot to tape, mud and sand the drywall to prep it to be painted. This price will not include the paint or primer. For instance, a 500 square foot room can cost anywhere from $175 to $600 to tape and finish a room with 8 or 9 foot walls and ceilings.

    For those who want to tape the drywall themselves, plan on paying around $0.10 to $0.32 per square foot to complete the job. A pack of drywall tape can cost anywhere from $6 to $12. For example, the 3M 385 Scotch Drywall Fiberglass Tape retails for $12 to $16 and joint compound cost around $18.00 for a five gallon bucket.

    Before the job is started Drywall Specialist will go through and make the appropriate measurements to give you a accurate estimate. Most wallboard contractors including Drywall Specialist require a draw when they commit to a job. Usually a half draw when the job is started and final half or balance on the day it is completed. This advance is to cover supplies and materials necessary to do the work. If you don’t meet this requirement the job may not be accepted.

    When we start the job we will remove any loose material in the drywall seams and butt joints. Any voids or gaps found, usually larger than one-sixteenth of an inch will be filled with a quick setting joint compound. During this time, any screws will be re-set or removed that are above the drywall’s surface.

    Next Drywall Specialist will tape, all seams, joints, butt joints and interior angles will be taped, usually where the edges meet. Once the taping is complete, three to four coats of mud, usually referred to as a joint compound will be used for float and skim coats that are applied to all corner beads, tape and screw heads. Lastly, the surface area will be sanded to a smooth finish being carefule not to ruffel the drywall paper so it can be painted. A professional plasterboard contractor will sweep and vacuum after they are done.

    Once taped and mudded there will be extra costs? Taping, sanding and mudding is just part of the drywall process. The prices mentioned above won’t include installing the drywall or painting it after the contractor is done. Covering items around the house such as couches, toilets and other big items is figured into the quote. Complex layouts such as vaulted ceilings and corners can increase the price. Vaulted ceilings, for instance, will require scaffolding.

    Call Drywall Specialist for competitive taping and mudding prices, free estimates on large or small gypsum board projects by your neighborhood professionals!